Psychic Medium

My Intentions:

My intention is to help every living soul on this earth connect to their highest selves. I have to ability to heal and connect with all the versions of yourself. 

I provide divine information to the public to provide clarity. 

I use my many gifts for the highest good of all beings.

I can provide the divine information you need no matter the topic including, but not limited to Health and pregnancy. 

Who am I?

I am a Psychic Medium, born with my gifts.

Hi! I'm Emma! I reign from Las Vegas, Neveda, currently I live in Pahrump. This is where I currently help those who want or need it in person. I also live stream sessions in my house.

I am a psychic medium who has had these gifts since I was little. I have grown into these gifts over the years. ***.  I'm really ok with answering any questions you may have about what I do. Please don't hesitate to ask! Or you can book a reading and I can take a few mins to explain all of this at the beginning! whichever serves YOU better! 

Some other things I like to do is create things. For instance, I love making candles with my intentions and magic put in them. I don't tend to make a ton at one time, so if you order any, please understand that these take time for me to make with the right amount of intention! 

I also enjoy crafting necklaces, bracelets, and keychains with crystals and beads. These too take time but I love creating things for my clients! 


*** = add more info 


Triple Evil Eye Protection Candle- This candle helps you naturally remove personal obstacles. It protects you from the Evil eye and negative energy from other people!

Abundance Candle- Abundance comes in all forms. This candle invites spirit to take the wheel so you can go towards the abundance you deserve!

Self Love Candle:  This candle is a self love upgrade! This candle can help heal your inner child wounds, it will also help you know that you are good enough to love yourself and be loved by others!

Custom Intention Candle- This candle can be created by me with the help of you! Together we can brainstorm on anything and everything that should go inside this candle!

Some of my work

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